Behavioural development programmes

…that build deep trust and create a culture of feedback

Leadership and team development

…that creates immediate and sustainable performance improvement

Change expertise

…to diagnose, plan and track your improvement

Are you interested in…


Being an inspirational leader


Improving your personal impact


Creating a culture of feedback


Building trusting relationships

Leadership Impact Feedback Trust

LIFT is a behavioural change intervention that results in immediate performance improvement. Through LIFT leadership behaviours are mastered, personal impact is enhanced, a culture of feedback is developed and a foundation of trust is built.

Or is your focus…

Accelerating team performance

The Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance™ Model is used to assess teams through a comprehensive set of performance lenses. It is particularly helpful as a diagnostic to identify unresolved issues or to encourage high performance. From the survey analysis, we plan specific interventions to accelerate the team’s performance.

Transforming Project Managers into Programme Leaders

Project Managers are results focused and goals driven. Yet, most projects fail to deliver their full value to the organisation. The gap is the interpersonal skills of project managers. Through this programme we provide the strong communication and leadership skills that are imperative for project success.

Driving effective, efficient & engaging meetings

Driving effective, efficient & engaging meetings

In most organisations, ineffective meetings are a source of waste and frustration. To stay competitive, these internal inefficiencies need to be drastically reduced. To directly improve your organisational performance, focus should be given to increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and level of engagement in meetings.

Delivering sustainable change

This programme introduces The OrgZoo Business Improvement Method (BIM) – a practical guide for leaders and change agents. It provides a model, framework, plus practical tools to effectively navigate an improvement journey. Through a series of interventions, change expertise is transferred.