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Do your project & programme managers excel at creating organisational value?

“Organisations will renew their focus on talent development as they look to grow and gain competitive advantage. When we asked PMO managers about the most critical factors for success, the skill set of their project and program managers were a top concern.”

PMI’s Pulse of the Profession – Driving Success in Challenging Times

The Problem:

Projects Continue to Under-Deliver

Project managers are results focused and goal driven. They are technically skilled and they focus on the tasks and processes to drive the project requirements. Yet, the majority of projects still fail to deliver their full value to their organisation.

Our research confirms that the gap is the interpersonal / behavioural skills of project managers. Behavioural competence is increasingly being seen as the essential additional component that will enable project managers to drive and deliver real added value. With increased behavioural skills, project managers will be able to provide the strong communication and leadership skills that are imperative for project success.


The Solution:

Developing the Behavioural Competence of Project Managers


A 3 day interactive workshop, specifically designed for project managers, has been created to provide them with the behavioural skills to:

  • Build a foundation of trust and credibility
  • Actively motivate and inspire their project teams
  • Effectively manage their executive sponsors and key stakeholders
  • Positively respond to conflict situations to enable effective resolution
  • Effectively communicate and influence across a project environment

Using a project simulation, we have created a safe and energising environment for project managers to practice and develop their behavioural competence. As participants go through the whole life cycle of a project, real-time behavioural feedback and coaching is provided. This drives significant learning for each individual on how they can personally manage the people side of their project more effectively.

By attending this programme, project managers will be equipped with the behavioural competence to deliver value for the organisation.